3 Signs You Should Invest in a Managed IT Service Provider

Thinking about switching to a managed IT service provider to handle your business’s data management and security needs? If any of these three signs apply to you and your business it is time for you to hand the reins over to a professional:


#1 You have no idea how reliable your system back-up plan is or how to put it into play when your server crashes.

Many small to mid-sized businesses believe that they can trim money off of their bottom line by opting to handle their own IT services. Unfortunately, these businesses often find that is not the case the hard way and ultimately end up losing out tenfold. Using a subpar backup system could cripple your business. Servers crash every day. How would your business function if your system goes down? Do you have a backup server that can instantly pick up where your server left off? A server crash will cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue, and it could also severely damage your business’s reputation.

#2 You aren’t sure what the legal and financial repercussions are for a data breach or network hack.

Does your business store customers’ personal and financial information? Even if you are running a small to mid-sized business you have an obligation to keep your customers’ information secure. How confident are you that all of your business’s sensitive data is protected from ever-evolving network hacking? Hackers work relentlessly day and night to obtain sensitive information and to exploit it. Small to mid-sized businesses make easy targets for these criminals because many of them do not employ a comprehensive managed IT service provider to handle their security concerns. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your business’s and your customers’ sensitive information in jeopardy. Get the protection you need from a professional managed IT service provider.

#3 You are devoting too much of your time and resources to IT management and it is taking away from your core business development.

If you operate a mid-sized business, you shouldn’t have to employ in-house IT personnel. By outsourcing your IT needs you can save money and have a more effective IT management service provider make sure all of your business’s needs are being met. The average mid-sized business owner does not know how to effectively manage in-house IT employees and ensure standards are maintained. Using your time and resources to employ and monitor in-house IT personnel distracts from core business developing and restricts your growth. Hiring a managed IT service provider frees up your time and provides 100% confidence that your business’s IT needs are fulfilled so you can focus on your core business.