Helpful Tips on Protecting Your Business Against Cybercrime

This past year alone, one in five small to mid-sized businesses have been victims of some form of cybercrime. Cybercrime is criminal activity that involves the internet, computer technology, or a computer system. Cyber criminals target businesses looking for ways to illegally generate revenue. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to protect your business against cybercrime and to make sure all of your employees are aware of the dangers associated with this rapidly growing criminal threat.

Tip #1 Learn about the different types of cybercrime and how cyber criminals target businesses

Knowledge is power. By arming yourself and your employees with information regarding cybercrime you will gain awareness about the severity of the problem and the consequences of becoming a cybercrime victim. Take time to learn about the different types of cybercrime and the various tactics criminals use to obtain sensitive data online. Cybercrime is big business. Criminals look for ways to directly steal money from financial accounts but they also look for ways to steal information and to sell it to other criminals operating online. There are various types of cybercriminals ranging from solo hackers that operate on a small scale to organized groups of hackers that treat cybercrime as a multi-billion dollar business.

Tip #2 Hire a managed IT service provider for optimal protection against cybercrime

Instead of trying to take on IT management in-house, hire a managed service provider capable of providing your business with adequate protection. Cybercrime is always evolving. New threats can pop up on a daily basis. A managed service provider will work relentlessly to make sure that your business’s data and financial assets are protected and that your confidential data is securely encrypted. A managed service provider can also provide your employees with direction in setting up strong passwords, learning how to evade phishing scams, and in guarding company data while using mobile devices. The best defense against cybercriminals is to hire a managed service provider that prioritizes cyber security.

Tip #3 Make cyber security part of your daily routine

Understanding how dynamic and evolving cybercrime is will help you to remain vigilant in protecting your business against this threat. Unlike a security system that can be installed and then left alone to do its job whenever it is activated by its code, cybercrime protection is something that should remain a priority every day. Train all new employees to utilize malware and phishing protection in their web browser. Make sure your computers’ defenses are optimized and that your firewall is always on. Keep your antivirus protection turned on and updated at all times. Devoting a few minutes each day towards cyber security is the best approach to personally safeguarding your business’s assets.