VoIP and Your Remote Workforce

Whether you are considering transitioning your business to a remote workforce utilizing VoIP technology or if you are a start-up exploring the available options for launching your business, obtaining a comprehensive understanding of how to use VoIP technology to manage a remote workforce will help you determine if it is the right fit for your business. Learn more about how VoIP technology works and the benefits of operating remotely using a VoIP system below:

How does VoIP technology work?

VoIP technology provides a flexible and affordable way to stay connected with employees working from remote locations. VoIP works as a virtual phone system allowing employees to work from any location with a data or internet connection. Whether they are at home or on the road, they can remain in touch and productive by staying connected to your business. Features such as basic call routing, conferencing, and softphone technology provide widespread access to workers employed remotely by allowing smartphones and laptops to replace the traditional office phone system. A VoIP system requires minimal setup and hardware to get started and offers extensive accessibility to all remote workers.

How can my small business benefit from utilizing VoIP technology?

Creating a remote workforce allows you to hire the best talent available residing in virtually any location as opposed to being limited to the best talent locally available. VoIP technology allows small business owners looking to actively and effectively manage employees residing across the different locations without having to rely on expensive infrastructure and the high overhead costs of maintaining a dedicated office location. Devote your time and money to developing your core business instead of wasting it on an expensive office location designed for the sole purpose of housing staff.

How can I find the right managed service provider to handle my small business VoIP?

Finding the right managed service provider to set up your business’s VoIP system will require some homework. Look for a provider offering a comprehensive system including technical support opposed to one that is looking to sell you the equipment you need to get started without any support after launching your VoIP network. Choose a provider that can get your VoIP system up and running quickly, effectively, and with the support necessary to grow alongside your business’s evolving needs.