Is a Managed Service Provider Right for You? 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs One

Reason #1 Free up time and resources to invest in and focus on your core business

Make a commitment to grow your business in 2017. Free up your time and resources so you can devote them to business development and existing customers. Even if your business only has a small number of employees, you should not have to handle your own IT management. Spend your time doing what you do best; working hard to develop your business, manage your staff, and taking care of your customers. Your ROI will make you regret not outsourcing your IT needs sooner.

Leave IT tasks to the professionals, such as a managed service provider holding the skills necessary to perform IT tasks quickly and thoroughly. Let your managed service provider install your cloud server, provision a Microsoft Office 365 account for your business, set up your cloud storage, and keep your security software current.

Reason #2 It’s impossible to stay one step ahead of the multitude of security threats that could cripple your business

Even if your small or midsized business can afford an in-house IT professional to tackle your day to day IT needs, you will need someone with extensive security training to combat online threats. Viruses, ransomware, and malware are always evolving and can cripple a business within seconds. Hackers work around the clock to exploit personal and financial business data and to use it to extort money from your business or to resell online for criminal purposes. Small to midsized businesses are bigger targets for hackers because they typically do not have the most current protection against online threats and are therefore more susceptible to attacks. A managed service provider will make sure that the technology used by your staff; whether it be a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or pc, has the most up to date protection against common web threats.

Reason #3 Peace of mind is priceless

What would you do if you suffered from a server failure? Have you devised a comprehensive backup plan in event of a failure? Do you practice your backup plan and know how long it would take you to get back up and running with business as usual after a crash? The right managed service provider will help you to develop a backup plan and invest in a backup appliance that can have you fully back up and running within minutes of a crash. You won’t have to worry about losing critical information that could bring your business to a standstill or leave your customers in a lurch. The peace of mind you can get from trusting a managed service provider with your IT needs is well worth the investment.