Common Misconceptions About IT

Whether you are a business owner in search of a managed service provider to handle your business’s standard IT needs or if you are currently handling your company’s own IT related tasks and are contemplating outsourcing, learning more about common misconceptions associated with IT services will help you to decide what is right for your business’s needs.

Misconception #1 Managed IT Services are only meant for large businesses

The truth is that outsourcing your IT needs to a managed service provider is the most efficient and cost effective way to go, even for small businesses. A lot of small business owners attempt to tackle IT related tasks themselves. Not only does this take away money and resources from the development of your core business, it also leaves you more vulnerable to network threats. The average business owner does not have the time, knowledge, or resources available to fully protect their business from evolving web threats. Furthermore, if your small business has compliance requirements such as HIPAA, you cannot take the chances of failing an audit or breaching policy. A managed service provider well versed in HIPAA compliancy can help your small practice to achieve and maintain full compliancy.

Misconception #2 All IT providers are equal

Just as you would shop around and research an accountant or attorney before trusting your business’s confidential information, the same is also true when it comes to an IT provider. Avoid going with a freelance IT tech that is not affiliated with a reputable service. If you are going to entrust the security of your company’s financial information and that of your customers, you need to be 100% sure that the service provider you hire has a proven track record of satisfied clients. Read reviews online and check out the IT provider’s website. Check their standing with BBB. Select a service provider that has a demonstrated track record of success in providing customers with comprehensive IT support.

Misconception #3 My business is doing just fine with a basic IT setup

Maybe you are unaware of all the benefits of cloud storage, VOIP phones, and updated hardware or software; or maybe you believe your business is operating just fine without investing money on more advanced technology. Unfortunately, many businesses become obsolete by not choosing to embrace technology. This is the digital era and businesses need to learn how to utilize modern technology to grow. Regardless of your industry, your company needs to worry about data backup and security. To remain competitive, you should be exploring ways to use technology to expand. Maintaining status quo is never a good business strategy.