IT and Your Health and Wellness Practice; 5 Key Technology Needs

Do you own a small to midsized health and wellness practice? Focusing on building your clientele and providing top notch services to your clients should be on the top of your to-do list. However; it is important to take the time to consider your technology needs and to explore some options on how to address them.

A number of smaller businesses attempt to handle their own IT and technology needs. While this may seem like it is the most cost effective way to manage technology, hiring a professional managed service provider to take over this aspect of your business will prove to be the best option. Read on to learn more about how a managed service provider can help your health and wellness practice.

#1 HIPAA Compliance

As a health and wellness provider you will need to make sure you are HIPAA compliant when it comes to communicating with your patients and maintaining their records. Studies indicate that up to 60% of small businesses are not prepared for a HIPAA audit. Avoid having to pay penalties and fines by utilizing a managed service provider to help your business to achieve compliancy.

#2 Your business needs a backup plan

Small businesses are forced to close their doors every year after facing the aftermath of a disaster. Whether your business is the victim of a fire, flood, power failure, or hacking; many small businesses do not have a backup plan in place to ensure business continuity in the event of a network failure. A managed service provider will not only help you to devise a backup- plan, they will also manage your backup appliance which will store all of your data so that you can recover from a disaster and get back to business as usual.

#3 Technology may be what’s holding your business back from growing

Numerous small businesses shy away from investing in VoIP service. Even a smaller business can benefit from this technology. VoIP helps you improve communications with customers and employees and will provide you with options to expand services to customers and increase the number of ways that customers can communicate with employees of your practice.

#4 Social Media is the best free marketing tool available

If you don’t know how to tweet, post on Instagram, or find followers on Facebook, you are missing out on key opportunities to use social media as a free marketing tool to grow your business. It is essential to stay relevant with today’s society and learn how to create and maintain accounts on social media sites.

#5 Technology is always evolving

Technology changes on a daily basis. Software is constantly being updated to improved versions and hardware is constantly being introduced to the market with more advanced capabilities. Let your managed service provider help you determine when you need to upgrade your current software and hardware to remain competitive in your market.