Is Your Staff Ready for IoT?

Businesses are eager to start internet of things (IoT) initiatives, but efforts are hindered by shortages of workers with the latest skills necessary to progress with these projects. IoT platforms are designed to save businesses money, improve decision-making via access to new data resources, increase staff productivity, provide better visibility into the business and improve the overall customer experience. This article will help you identify which skills are important for staff to develop in order to effectively utilize IoT.

IoT devices can be used in virtually every industry to capture valuable data. According to IT trade association CompTIA, 6 in 10 U.S. companies have some type of IoT initiative under way — either formal or experimental — and a shortage of IoT skills ranks as the second most-cited issue holding companies back from IoT projects, behind initial costs.

IoT Skills Your Staff Needs:

#1 Security – Cybersecurity specialists are currently the most sought-after IT professionals, and these specialists will be in even greater demand as the influx of IP-enabled devices increases a business’s vulnerabilities. Your cybersecurity specialist needs to be well versed in vulnerability assessment, public key infrastructure security, ethical hacking, intrusion analysis, enterprise defenses, forensics and wireless network security.

#2 Hardware and networking – IoT allows for almost any device to be equipped with a sensor designed to gather, store, and transmit data. Your network will need to transfer all of that data and staff will be required to update your infrastructure to connect IoT devices.

#3 Software and connectivity – Software is required to make the data usable and to apply it to your business’s needs. Connectivity is required to share the collected data with the entire system. In a highly functional IoT environment, staff should be able to link multiple systems and know how to link the data from these systems to accomplish specific objectives.

#4 Analytics – Another important skill required to successfully complete IoT projects is a desire to make better decisions, and that requires comprehensive knowledge in analytics to present findings in a useful way. According to a recent survey conducted by LNS Research, some 60% of businesses said they don’t have enough internal expertise to launch an IoT or analytics project. Almost a quarter of the companies without analytics skills plan to use a consulting firm with analytics expertise, and one-third of the respondents said they don’t know how they’ll tackle the problem.

#5 Cloud computing – IoT initiatives are fueled by the need to generate and store data. Cloud-based systems will become the infrastructure for IoT initiatives and your business will need IT staff that are able to identify what data is important to track.