10 Hottest Tech Skills for 2017

Skilled IT workers are in high demand. The following tech skills round out Computerworld’s Top 10 list for the most sought-after skills by hiring managers during this past year.

#1 App Development and Programming – This is arguably the most in demand job in the IT world right now. Many existing companies are working on launching applications to compete in their markets and increase accessibility for consumers while numerous start-ups are looking to introduce fresh ideas into the app market. Application developers and programmers are seeing an influx of available job openings and higher wages.

#2 Technical Support Staff – An abundance of companies are looking to make improvements to their help desk and technical support call centers. In an effort to improve customer relations, provide shorter wait times, and utilize skilled workers capable of attending their customers’ needs, companies are looking to increase the number of trained workers for their technical support teams and improve their overall skillsets.

#3 Data Analytics – Technological leaps and bounds in data collection have necessitated a mass hiring of skilled data analysts in many fields. These businesses are on the hunt for skilled analysts capable of reporting the data they collect quickly and that can filter out the junk.

#4 Anything Cloud Related – Businesses are looking for skilled workers to help them upgrade to cloud networks. The industry itself has numerous openings for anyone with cloud related skills and experience to fill numerous positions. Cloud engineers and architects along with system administrators and engineers with cloud experience are currently in high demand.

#5 Security Specialists – As many companies prepare to invest millions in technological improvements such as updating to cloud storage, developing apps, and increasing their overall online presence, these companies also need to beef up their web security. Cyber threats are constantly evolving and highly skilled security specialists are in hot demand.

#6 Project Managers – Project managers have long been in demand for IT positions as many businesses are constantly looking for ways to utilize technology to grow their business. Project managers capable of managing teams, meeting deadlines, and with a proven track record of securing measurable results are highly coveted.

#7 Big Data Analysts – Companies are looking for big data analysts with experience in their respective fields in order to make the data they have been collecting profitable. Familiarity with specific software programs designed for certain industries increases desirability.

#8 Web Developers – While many companies have invested a lot of time and money over the past decade to increasing their online presence, web developers continue to be in high demand. Businesses want to remain competitive by keeping their social and mobile media accounts current and user friendly and making sure their website is in top shape.

#9 Database Administration – Database administrators possess a range of skills including: proficiency in data modeling and database design, and the ability to ensure database performance and data integrity.

#10 Mobile App Managers – This position differs from app developers and programmers. The goal of an app manager is to help the company carry out its strategy of delivering on mobile usability and helping to create the best user interfaces and user experiences. App managers ensure that the apps are operationally efficient, user-friendly, and that updated versions run smoothly.