BYOD: The Future of the Workplace and Classroom

BYOD, which stands for bring your own device, is becoming increasingly popular in both the workplace and in the classroom. Businesses and schools across the country are implementing policies requiring employees and students to purchase and bring a personal electronic device to perform necessary tasks everyday there is work or school.

This article takes a closer look at the advantages of BYOD and explains why so many businesses and schools are jumping on the BYOD bandwagon.

For many small business owners, the cost of supplying each and every employee with an electronic device can become a pricey. If your employees travel a lot, work remotely, or need to be electronically available, they will need access to a portable device such as an iPad or laptop to be accessible while on the go. The cost of purchasing portable electronic devices for all employees is often too high for smaller business owners operating on tight budgets. For them, requiring employees to BYOD is the perfect solution to keeping employees readily available and on task without having to take valuable financial resources away from core business development.

Even larger corporations are implementing BYOD programs so that employees are encouraged to work remotely and to be more accessible via email, teleconferencing, and other virtual applications.

Schools are also implementing BYOD initiatives across the country by requiring students to BYOD to the classroom and stipulating which types of devices students must purchase to meet required specifications. Many of these schools are signing up for virtual textbook programs where students can access the books they need via the web.

Teachers are also enthusiastically taking advantage of access to classroom material that can be read and completed online. Instead of bringing home stacks of papers to grade every evening, they can sign in to an account online and instantly view a student’s score on a test, quiz, or homework assignment that was completed online. Students can also submit essays via email to teachers to further reduce the amount of paperwork teachers must handle. Grades can be posted instantly and students can track their own progress online from their personal device.

While the initial costs of BYOD may seem high to employees and students mandated to purchase a device for the classroom or office, these initiatives are only gaining in popularity and being implemented by more businesses and schools every day. BYOD is the future of both the workplace and the classroom. All students and employees should be prepared to invest in a personal electronic device for use at school or work in the very near future.