Increased Demand for IT Automation Technology

Businesses are actively seeking out ways to implement IT automation technology to streamline processes, improve web application performance, provide consistency to customers, and to save money by replacing costly employees with technology.

The latest IT technology in automation offers many tools and processes providing businesses with measurable results. Automated phone and web services provide customer service immediately, automatically, and without the need for human supervision. Auto scaling of servers improve the performance of web applications during peak usage.

Why invest in IT automation?

While the initial costs of switching over to automation may seem high, savvy business owners see how much money they will save over time. Instead of paying employees to perform tasks, they can invest in this technology and not have to spend any more money. Employees need training, they take sick days, they can only work so many hours a week, and they can have bad days and take out their frustrations on customers. On the other hand, automation software is programmed to provide continuous and consistent support around the clock. Once the software is programmed and tested it is ready to be used and will only require minimal maintenance such as the occasional update.

What IT automation technology is in hot demand?

Auto scaling of servers – Auto scaling is a cloud computing feature that allows users to automatically scale cloud services, such as server capacities, up or down, depending on defined situations. Cloud computing providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), offer this feature to improve web applications. Auto scaling also ensures that new instances are increased during peak demand and decreased during demand drops, providing consistent performance for lower costs.

Cloud service providers such as AWS are offering this feature as a response to the unpredictable demand for cloud capabilities often brought on by higher than anticipated traffic levels from successful campaigns. Auto Scaling through AWS helps ensure that the correct number of Amazon EC2 instances are available to handle the load for a user’s application.

Chatbots – Many online companies are using chatbots to field online conversations, instead of employing human agents to handle questions, comments, and concerns in chat format. Chatbots use a combination of natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to mimic human conversations, identify the needs of human callers, and provide other information to customers. In most cases, chatbots can provide customers a direct answer to their question or direct them to a human being or resource equipped to provide a solution.

Troubleshooting technicians – Many companies are also switching over to interactive troubleshooting technicians which can provide customers with a way to seek assistance with various problems. The techs may take the form of a massive digital content archive, which customers can search to find the answers to their questions, or utilize a secondary question-and-answer-style format relying on a chatbot for further direction. These automated techs help customers solve problems and answer questions without the need for human assistance, which reduces customer service staff time to address them.