Does Your Business Need Dedicated IT Support?

Don’t put off your business’s technological needs for another year. Take the time to analyze how you manage your current IT needs and use the questions below to decide if it is time you invest in dedicated IT support.

Are you wasting valuable time and resources trying to handle your own IT needs?

If you find that you are taking away time from core business development to perform routine IT tasks such as updating software or troubleshooting network problems, it is time to transfer all IT related jobs to a managed service provider to free up your time and resources. Spend your time and money doing what you do best and allow a professional to tackle IT responsibilities.

Is your business limited in its growth because substandard technology is holding it back?

Do you feel that with some technological improvements your business could see significant growth? Why limit your business to the equipment and technology you have on hand when a small investment could net your business much larger profits? Whether you need to upgrade some old equipment or outdated software or if you are interested in web and application development, a managed services provider can offer guidance on the next steps you should take towards making these improvements. Hire a professional to get the level of service your business deserves to ensure your technology is optimized to promote and handle growth.

Are you concerned your business continuity plan needs updating?

Having a business continuity plan in the event of a cyber attack or system failure is no longer enough to ensure your business’s survival. You need to have a plan, test this plan, evaluate your plan, and make routine updates and improvements. It is also imperative that you purchase and maintain the right backup appliance. A managed services provider will work with you to devise the strongest business continuity plan possible and help you invest in the right equipment to best serve your needs.

Does your business need to adhere to HIPAA regulations?

Whether you run a chiropractic office or process insurance claims, even small businesses must adhere to the HIPAA regulations governing the privacy of medical information. Violations of these regulations can result in heavy fines should a breach occur. Compliance officers can also audit your business and issue fines for violations. Many small practices readily admit they still have not achieved total compliance. If your small business must adhere to HIPAA regulations, you can not afford to take any chances with data security and storage. A professional can assist you in making sure you meet regulations and remain compliant.