4 Technology Solutions for Common Small Business Problems


Problem #1 Managing the front desk is a costly expense

You no longer need to pay a receptionist just to answer your landline during business hours. These days, small business owners are not tied to an office or computer in order to stay connected. Business owners are no longer required to sit at their desks all day managing dozens of calls. The traditional landline is no longer a vital lifeline for a business owner. Cell phones, VoIP, ​and virtual phone lines are providing business owners with ways to stay connected on the go. They no longer need to employ someone just to answer the phone and screen calls.

Problem #2 Your growth is restricted because you can’t leave your business’s physical location to travel

You no longer are forced to turn down meeting opportunities because of the high expenses of travel and time spent away from the office. You are no longer restricted to a local pool of applicants for an important position within your company. Thanks to teleconference services, you can conduct conference calls with a group of employees and/or clients at different locations at any time. There are many teleconference services available that give small business owners the ability to conduct teleconferences with multiple parties without needing special telephone or bridge line equipment. There are also a number of web conferencing tools that allow business owners to connect with employees or potential clients located all over the world.

Business owners can also take advantage of Collaborate on Word documents with real-time co-authoring. This allows a group to collaborate on a document, using real-time co-authoring to see everyone’s changes as they happen. Collaboration is a simple three step process: Save the document to OneDrive or SharePoint Online so others can work in it, invite people to edit it with you, and have your group open and work in the document in Word 2016, Word Online, or Word Android and you’ll see each other’s changes as soon as they’re made.

Problem #3 Your customer service is lackluster

You can make drastic improvements to your small business’s customer service thanks to technology. Take advantage of social media as a tool to reach out to existing customers and to attract new ones. Offer sales, promotions, and helpful information on popular social media sites to keep in contact with customers. Provide your customers with the opportunity to schedule appointments online at their convenience. Use online surveys and questionnaires to get customer feedback. Technology makes it easy to provide top notch customer service.

Problem #4 Your competitors have a much larger budget than you

Many small businesses have closed their doors simply because their competitors have more money to devote to business growth and development. Thanks to technology, small businesses have more opportunities to grow now than ever before. You can spend a relatively low amount of money to have a professional website built and maintained. You can also have an app developed to foster business growth. Technology gives smaller businesses many innovative opportunities to be successful.