Cyber Security

A Real-World Hack Caught and Mitigated in Real-Time

In recent weeks, HigherGround helped the Chief Executive Officer for one of their financial services’ clients identify and stop a cyberattack.

HigherGround’s specialized cyber security monitoring solution detected the attack and alerted HigherGround’s cyber security team. The total exposure time was less than 25 minutes.

HigherGround’s automation software detected that a new rule had been added to the CEO’s email. HigherGround’s team quickly assessed the threat and determined that a new email rule had been set up to forward all future emails he received or sent – with specific keywords – to an encrypted email box in China.

HigherGround immediately called the client, confirming that this was, in fact, a hack and quickly
shut it down. The total exposure time was only 25 minutes.

Notably, the client was about to initiate a multi-million dollar financial transaction that, had the hack gone unnoticed, could very well have given the hacker access to their bank account information and funds.

HigherGround went further. They provided an action plan to follow-up personally on any sensitive emails or information that had been sent within the time of exposure, determined how the hacker infiltrated the system, and trained the executive and his staff on how to avoid this phishing scam moving forward.

Without HigherGround’s cyber security solution and quick human attention, the cyberattack could have been seriously detrimental or even debilitating to the client’s organization.

“HigherGround did a truly fantastic job. They protected me from a potential financial loss or other troubling result and, equally important, they saved me from needing to spend tens of hours repairing the damage,” said the CEO. “HigherGround’s service and focus is worth a multiple of the price I am paying.”


Multi Location Dental Center

  • Issue: Flooding caused significant business disruption – No offsite backup
  • Quickly built solution so they could work from temporary locations
  • Built out advanced network for dental office, including…
    – BDR
    – Business Continuity


Multi-location Not for Profit with 100+ staff

  • Issue: Burdened by entry-level IT resources that were not performing
  • Management spent too much time putting out IT fires
  • HigherGround became their IT department … at no additional cost
  • Solved day-to-day and created a proactive IT department, including…
    – All systems and solutions for their four offices
    – A forward looking IT Strategy and a Master plan

Major Chapter of a National Social Services Organization

  • Issue: Internal IT staff was drowning
  • Unable to even stay on top of daily “break/fix” needs
  • Unable to provide forward-looking solutions
  • Moved from “one IT guy” (which was a business risk) to HigherGround’s team approach
  • Provide ongoing managed services and proactive IT, delivering…
    – Far faster response times
    – Far fewer day-to-day issues due to proactive approach eCommerce


Major Outdoor Goods Retailer

  • Issue: Outdated technology limiting growth
  • Rebuilt their IT infrastructure, including…
    – Phone system
    – Technology inventory system
    – Business Continuity plan
    – Improved communications of systems and data flow
  • Providing ongoing managed services and proactive IT to keep their mission critical software running
  • Allowing them to focus on their core business