We focus on keeping your IT infrastructure running smoothly, so you and your people can focus on moving your business to higher ground.

You are not in the IT business. Every moment you spend dealing with system outages, technical problems, and outside application & technology vendors is a moment you’re not delighting your customers, managing your people, and moving your business forward.

We’re in the IT business. Our services and solutions are designed specifically to ensure that we are proactively keeping your network and infrastructure running at peak efficiency and that you and your staff have the technologies and support needed to get up to speed fast and stay there.

How do we do this?

  • We have great people who are focused on the right things. See our Core Values
  • We take a partner approach to Managed Services by providing all-inclusive solutions at a reasonable and fixed monthly fee; and…
  • We deliver on the promises other IT firms make

What does this mean?

Many of our clients have heard it all before. They’ve hired IT support, even managed services providers, and been disappointed by poor, reactive support … delivered by people who talk down to them using technical jargon (‘bits & bytes’).

At HigherGround, we employ the latest in remote monitoring and automation to get ahead of your IT issues. We use the latest in ticketing systems to ensure you get to the right person on our team, someone who can handle your specific issue quickly and can answer your questions in ‘human’ (and respectful) language.

Most importantly, we act as your IT business partner– focusing on keeping your IT running smoothly, so you can focus on growing your business.

If you’ve ever been let down by an IT provider … been made mountains of promises only to be delivered molehills of support … it’s time you moved to HigherGround.