Companies are far more tech-enabled than they realize. And, all too often, they hire a CTO or CIO too late in their growth arc – missing opportunities and losing precious time.

Why is this the case? Good CIOs and CTOs are expensive. Understanding their roles and impact takes time and, often, a false start or two. Smaller, growing businesses do not yet have a need for a full-time CIO, but they do need the expertise a CIO can provide – on an on-demand basis.

Many growing companies under-hire their technology leadership, bringing in a single, mid-level person to manage the day-to-day (which they will find grinding) and to provide strategic IT leadership and governance (which they will find overwhelming.) Unfortunately, these companies recognize the “middle fiddle” issue when it’s clear that neither role is being well-served – which is after the big opportunities are missed and the cracks in the infrastructure start appearing.

With HigherGround’s Fractional CIO Solution, you get all the benefits of a seasoned CIO or CTO at a fraction of the cost, and you can flesh out the CIO’s role and the specific benefit and ROI they provide to your business. This will greatly increase the likelihood that your first full time CIO hire is the perfect fit … and they can enter with strong forward direction.

Our fractional CIO solution delivers…

  • technology alignment to your business and growth plans
  • future-looking planning; a strategic IT roadmap
  • intellectual property and licensing leadership
  • oversight for technology initiatives
  • technology vendor selection; adoption and training strategies/planning
  • security oversight
  • disaster avoidance and recovery planning
  • a highly-credible IT collaborator for your internal leadership team and client base

…the CIO leadership you need for the precise amount of hours monthly you require it.

Ask about our cost-effective fractional CIO packages – and get the forward-looking IT leadership your growing business needs to compete and win.