ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: What is the "Cloud" and How Can it Help Reduce IT Costs?

It’s Time to Get the Cloud Right.On the surface, cloud computing isn’t confusing or complex.

It’s simply finding the best way to reap the benefits of the Internet for your computing needs.

The cloud is also “future proofing,” since there certainly will become a time – and that time is coming soon – when all the key components of your technology will live in the cloud. Your users, customers, and software providers will expect that your IT is taking full advantage of the Internet for each and every interaction.

The cloud is inevitable. So the questions really are:

  • What can the cloud bring that “traditional” computing cannot?
  • How can you maximize these benefits with the minimal disruption and risk? (In fact, you can you greatly increase your security and decrease your risk.)
  • What is the right path and timing for your specific business, technology and growth plans?


HigherGround’s managed solution delivers the scalable infrastructure and variable resources that grows as you grow – matching your company’s IT and storage needs while providing your users with the computing power and access they need to remain productive wherever and whenever they need it.

Our “Get the Cloud Right” migration process:

  1. Creating the business case for cloud migration – including improved security, ROI, software compatibilities, potential disruptions, and timeline
  2. Assessing and updating the “minimal cloud requirements”
  3. Migrating in stages from local testing to fully remote (and redundant) cloud

All the features – and only the features – you need:

  • Virtual server(s) necessary for your environment
  • Onsite and offsite backups for improved data protection
  • Secure connections to your services through a VPN
  • No downtime to add hard drives, ram or processors
  • Easily scale your environment to your needs
  • Plus all the features and benefits of HigherGround’s Managed Services, including:

– 24×7 remote monitoring; engineer dispatch 8am-6pm M-F
– managed e-mail, anti-spam (Office 365)
– patch management, application updates
– managed anti-virus
– Quarterly executive reviews
– HigherGround Toolbox® with health, threat and compliance reports