A large part of your business and enterprise value is your data. Without consistent – and secure – access to that data…

  • your team cannot be as productive
  • your customers cannot engage as efficiently
  • your profitability and growth can suffer

However; few companies protect or properly manage access to their critical data, meaning: your data is vulnerable and the business value the data represents can be taken hostage by a hacker, or a disgruntled employee, supplier or even client.

Proper Backup, Business Continuity plan and Disaster Recovery (BDR) are essential to virtually every business today and helps us to be prepared for situations and disasters that may strike with little to no warning. Managed Security takes a proactive stance to mitigate the risk of a hack or a virus shutting down your access or, possibly worse still, taking your critical data hostage and losing the trust of your value chain.

HigherGround’s Managed Security offering includes a strategic and comprehensive mix of complete network coverage, endpoints, vulnerability management, monitoring and analysis using Security
Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools.

Let us hack your company before the hackers do.

The HigherGround Managed Security offering is structured to address the security vulnerabilities in your network. Using a combination our proven security expertise and state-of-the-art Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology to provide a unified platform with essential security capabilities such as Asset Discovery, Intrusion Detection and Vulnerability Assessment – all in real-time.

Initial process and vulnerability assessment

  • Online and physical security Including file permission process review; cataloging of critical data and IP
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool deployment
  • Host Intrusion Detection System (HIDS) scan on all the system assets (such as computers, servers, firewalls, etc.) to determine the vulnerabilities in each asset
  • Delivery of a report highlighting all Severe and High vulnerabilities – communicating overview of key areas of concern with remediation recommendations.

Real-time threat monitoring, ongoing vulnerability scanning and providing strategic and tactical support

  • Correlated events & monitoring – real time hacker monitoring and log file backups to determine breach attempts and pathways, since hackers often try to cover their tracks.
  • Monthly firewall security scanning and reporting
  • Monthly vulnerability scanning and reporting
  • Monthly security consulting and remediation