Putting your technology in our hands is a smooth move.

If the technology isn’t moved quickly and correctly, then your team can’t be immediately productive in their new office or location. For this reason, when it comes to moving your workstations, phones, servers, and networks… put your trust in a technology company with office move experience. Our proven experience – from large organizations (including social media powerhouses and leading professional service firms) to highly technical firms (such as e-commerce companies and dentist offices) – makes us the best choice for your next office relocation or internal move.

HigherGround’s “TechTeam” team will record each desktop IT disconnect, gently bag, reconnect and smartly dress cables at the new workstation. Need us to dismantle and install monitor arms? No problem! In addition, our IT technicians can turn on and test network access and VoIP phones for each user, as well as help your internal IT staff address any issues that might be limiting immediate productivity at the new location.

We can also help you plan your move – helping ensure you aren’t bringing any of the old location’s technical issues or problems to your new office.

Our technical logistics and relocation services include:

  • Disconnect/reconnect for office moves
  • New equipment deployment, including PCs, phones, etc.
  • Server relocation
  • Technical move planning
  • Post move support

Whether you are a business looking for the best relocation support for your technology, or a moving company looking for the right disconnect/reconnect partner, put your trust and your technology in the hands of HigherGround’s TechTeam. It’s a smooth move.